Easy Perimenopause

Have a body, mind, and life you love in your 40s and beyond. Get REAL answers to your hormone questions.
Easy Perimenopause is a step-by-step curated coaching program based on your personal functional medicine lab testing results. Get healthy periods, tons of energy, strong digestion, and a faster metabolism.

Inside this hands-on six month program, Jennifer Woodward will dive deep into every component of your health, crafting a bioindividual wellness program that addresses every layer of possible healing in your body- hormones, gut, thyroid, immune system, brain, and genetics. You’ll feel amazing again- without intense exercise or constantly cutting calories.

Let me guess: You’re probably wondering…
“Why did my doctor tell me my labs look normal when I know my hormones are all messed up?”
You’re already doing all of the things- going gluten free, getting your steps in, ordering 12,935 supplements from Instagram, shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Your progress is minimal and you have NO idea how to feel energized, have a normal period, or lose that post-40 belly that’s been creeping up on you lately.

The #1 problem I see when coaching my clients is that they have a data problem.
Not a willpower problem.

If you want to sleep through the night, wake up feeling refreshed, lose that weird new belly fat, enjoy stable moods, and be able to digest your food well, you need the right labs. If your doctor has told you that “ there’s nothing wrong with you”, buying another supplement or another one-size-fits-all diet program just isn’t going to fix your problems. So let’s change that-
Get access to the most powerful data available so that you can feel better in your 40s than you’ve felt in decades!

Here’s the thing: if you’re muddling through the hormonal chaos of your 40s without a specific roadmap, you aren’t going to be able to show up for yourself, your family, or your purpose. Plain and simple.

And how to get clarity on the chaos? That’s where my FAVORITE answer comes in- functional lab testing: next-level labs that look at your hormones, digestion, food sensitivities, thyroid, brain, and immune system.
Before I ran a series of functional lab tests on all of my private clients, I was giving the same generic health advice as everyone else: eat less, exercise more, take a multivitamin.
One HUGE mistake I see perimenopausal women making is trying to navigate the murky waters of hormone imbalance without the compass of real data. They’re putting in all of this effort of green juicing, OrangeTheory, organic foods, influencer suggestions, and doing the diet plan their mom had success with, but they’re feeling worse (and more confused) than ever.
At the end of the day, the fast track to feeling amazing in your 40’s is to systematically address imbalances in your entire body, not just spinning your wheels trying the next fad. Generic advice just doesn’t cut it in perimenopause.
You’re over the quick fixes that leave you exhausted, angry, hungry, and hormonal
You crave something deeper when it comes to your hormonal health.

Your lack of confidence in your ability to stick with nutrition changes.

You’re tired of starting a new diet or exercise program every Monday.

You want to go from feeling brain foggy and exhausted to being fully present with your kids and husband.

Your normal healthy regimen isn’t doing anything anymore, especially about your new friend Belly Fat.

You want to stop overthinking EVERYTHING about what you put in your body and instead know exactly what works for you.

You’re tired of being overwhelmed and gaslighted by doctors that want to offer you the Pill, Prozac, or Prilosec.

At the end of the day, you don’t want another crappy promise. And you’re sick of trying to do everything on your own, piecemealing together scraps of information from Instagram, girlfriends, blog posts, and books- even though you know something has to change, now.

I know, I know…
It’s all SO overwhelming, trying to hack your post-40’s hormones alone.

That’s where Easy Perimenopause comes in. It’s the step-by-step process to get you sleeping deeply, waking up feeling refreshed, getting the foods that work for your metabolism and immune system, reigniting your thyroid, hacking your brain chemistry to feel joyful and full of life, and slimming you down into a more feminine shape- no matter what you’ve already tried.

Because I know you’re wondering questions like,
“What if I’ve already tried paleo/vegan/carnivore/macros/WW/fasting/low carb/low cal/low joy?”
“What if my doctor has told me my lab work is normal and I’m just getting older?”
“How do I do a program like this if I’m too busy to even pee?”
“What if I’ve got a diagnosed condition I’m struggling with?”
“What if I’m on birth control/antidepressants/benzos?”
“What if I’ve tried so many things that I am scared I’ll fail at this, too?”
“What if I have PCOS/endometriosis/PMDD?”
“What if I don’t want to give up things that make me happy?”
“What if my husband isn’t on board?”
“What if I’m not worth the investment?”

…and those questions are what we are answering inside of Easy Perimenopause”.

This isn’t another online course to get buried in your graveyard of cheap self-paced programs. It’s a high-touch, completely curated, you-driven concierge coaching experience from one of the top perimenopausal coaches in the country. And we’ll have the data to get you the results you deserve.


Meet with Jennifer for a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call to see if we are the right fit to work together.


Get 6 of the most innovative, needle-moving functional lab tests available today sent immediately to your home or business to begin self-testing.


Meet with Jennifer weekly via Zoom to go over your lab tests and get your curated Wellness plan, consisting of suggestions for diet, rest, exercise, stress management, and supplementation based on your labs.

Are you ready to feel like a joyful and present participant of this life God has gifted you? Are you ready to slip into anything in your closet, feel balanced and steady, enjoy a normal period, have energy for days, and sleep like a baby?
…And those questions are what we are answering inside of Easy Perimenopause”.
“Here is the evidence supporting the thought of “my poor body”.

“I like getting the test results. My poor body. I feel validated. Here is the evidence supporting the thought of “my poor body”. It fuels the fire more of wanting to do things right, having as much knowledge as I can. My body is struggling and with your help, I can find out how my body is struggling on a cellular level. I don’t want to deal with brain fog and exhaustion my whole life.”

-Maddi R, private client

You’re perfect for this program if you…
Here’s how we do it:
Step 1: We run these labs.
Sometimes, based on need and medical history, we may substitute or add on the 3×4 Genetics panel or the Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses. Every case is unique, and your lab testing needs may look a little different.
Step 2: We meet weekly for 6 months so you can stay accountable and encouraged while you navigate vacations, illnesses, birthdays, carpool, dinners out, and everything else that happens in real life. 

These meetings are 100% virtual and happen inside my HIPAA-compliant online platform, GetHealthie.

When we have lab results to go over, we will meet for 30 or 45 minutes. On non-lab weeks, we will meet for 15 minutes. You also have 24/7 chat access to me- I love talking to my clients daily if they should so desire. You’ll get my concierge service for 24 full weeks.

Inside the GetHealthie platform, you’ll find your onboarding, your goals (who doesn’t love a checklist?!) your Easy Perimenopause videos, your recipes and meal plans and shopping lists, your completed lab tests, and our chat history.
Your Total Transformation Package includes:

75-minute Onboarding Call

30-minute Results and Recommendations Sessions

15-minute Follow-Up Sessions

  • Daily Chat Support (At Home)
  • DUTCH Hormone Test (At Home)
  • GI Map Gut Test (At Home)
  • MRT Food Sensitivity Test (Blood Draw)
  • HTMA Hair Tissue Mineral Test (At Home)
  • Full Functional Thyroid Panel (Labcorp)
I’ll work with you to find lab draw stations near you for the blood draws. Everything else is done within the comfort of your own home.
The Living Light Metabolic Reset
If weight loss is your goal, you’ll get access to my tried and true weight loss plan. We won’t run it until you’re ready (you and I will both decide this together!). We will get your body properly nourished, balanced, and feeling safe. Then we’ll start working on weight loss with the plan that has helped my clients lose 11-30+ pounds in 10 weeks or less.
This is included in every Total Transformation Package (value $3497). No substitutions.
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From feeling fat, fatigued, and frustrated as I approached 40 to learning the tools that empowered me to take control of my own hormone health and now getting to help women worldwide have a body, mind, and life they love in perimenopause.
Ever since I went back to school to become a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and go on to complete my Master’s of Science in Integrative Nutrition, I’ve had a passion to help women feel good about themselves. I know that as moms, wives, employees (and employers!), philanthropists, and givers, we are muddling through our 40s feeling lost and exhausted. I’ve helped over 950 women balance their hormones, get great sleep, lose weight, and have boundless energy.
Meet Jennifer.

All I really ever wanted to be is a mom, and I’m the happy mama to 4 children, each of which takes a turn being my favorite. Right now we have three teenagers in the house, and we’re finishing another year of on and off homeschooling. My high school sweetheart (Beau) and I live on almost three acres in California and we have two pygmy goats and two sheep that recently turned into three sheep! We welcomed our little black sheep Miga and while we planned on eating her, I don’t think that’s actually going to happen.

I’m a child of God and a follower of Christ and my faith informs everything I do. I don’t delude myself that women feel better because of me- it’s because of the grace of God. He just uses me, and I love that privilege.

My own hormones fell apart right before I entered perimenopause, and the Lord led me to FDN. As I went back to school to get certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I ran a series of functional lab tests on myself.

And my mind was blown. Here were real answers to the questions I had been struggling with:

My labs showed layers and layers of dysfunction- my hormones, immune system, gut, thyroid, and brain were completely messed up. And I finally had the labs to prove it.

Doctors had offered me the Pill, antidepressants, and weight loss pills. I knew none of those things would actually help me, so I dove into learning how to properly nourish and rebalance my body using the principles of functional medicine.

I’m not a doctor and would never pretend to be one. I can’t diagnose, treat, or prescribe. I’m a teacher and guide,

And now I get to teach and guide women through the confusion and suffering that perimenopause can bring. Using lab testing and my experience coaching over 900 women, I can help you get real answers and start feeling better, naturally.

After almost a decade in practice (accumulating a Master’s of Science in Integrative Nutrition along the way), I’ve refined my skills, expanded my testing, and have hundreds of happy clients who have finished my program.

You’re next. Let’s do this.
Click below to get started.

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