I am married to an A+.

He likes to brag that he has always been proud of his #blood type. He says something like I have the best blood type. I’m an A. Plus.

Bully for you, dude.

Actually, it’s some of that peacock swagger that still makes him irresistible to me.


Type A blood is slightly newer than the old Type O. It is the second most #abundant blood type. The Type A #blood is referred to as Dr. James D’Adamo as The Cultivator.

Our Type A has a #sensitive #digestive tract but a tolerant #immune system. In order to stay lean and mentally sharp, A’s need a more agrarian diet. I see this to be true in my #husband and also my oldest two #children, who are my two Type A kiddos.

If you are a Type A, you may have found yourself asking why can’t everyone just eat a balanced diet? If your A butt is married to a Type O and that Type O is the recipient of that question then said Type O may be quietly #irritated at the annoying question and think to herself I wish I could eat as many carbs as you can and still be lean and healthy. What a dumb question. You big, big stinker.

Type A’s are at risk for diseases of affluence like heart disease, #cancer, and #diabetes. Thus, D’Adamo argues that it is crucial that they stick to the lower fat, lower #protein agrarian diet that their blood seems to favor.

While animal foods speed up the #metabolism of a Type O, they can actually do the opposite for an A. These people are the ones that say that red meat makes them feel sluggish and tired. This is because Type A’s tend to make lower levels of hydrochloric acid, and it’s the acid that increases the breakdown of protein in the body. Without sufficient HCL, the meat will indeed just sit in your #tummy.

D’Adamo says that A’s will store meat as #fat. I think this is too generalized of a statement, and I don’t see this correlation in my home or clinic. I think a better way of looking at things would be to ask the question, what is most #nourishing to my body?

Sometimes, A’s need meat, especially children. Some of them will still thrive on it. I have two in my house- Beau and my daughter- that can eat red meat every day and feel energized and happy. #Biodiversity is still important as you study blood type.

Without a doubt, however, A’s should stay away from dairy.

Dairy foods are poorly digested by Type A’s, and will induce unfavorable insulin reactions that can lead to a slower metabolism.

Other foods that will encourage weight gain in Type A’s are kidney beans, lima beans, and wheat. The blood reacts poorly with these foods and causes agglutination, which we discussed last week.

Type A’s do well with seafood and #leaner #proteins like chicken and turkey. You’ll see specific #recommendations below.

In one of the weirder dietary connections I have ever read, D’Adamo says the following:

If you are a Type A woman with a family history of breast cancer, consider introducing snails into your diet. The edible snail Helix Pomatia contains a powerful lectin that specifically agglutinates and is drawn to mutated Type A cells for two of the most common forms of breast cancer…this is a positive kind of agglutination; this lectin gets rid of sick cells

Snails to the rescue again!

As far as #exercise and #stress relief, A’s feel best when doing regular low intensity #exercise like #yoga, martial arts, #walking, or swimming.

Since A’s are predisposed to cancer and heart disease, it would behoove each A to incorporate a regular exercise program. Exercise that is too intense leaves the A fatigued, tense, and immunocompromised.

From a personality standpoint, A’s are cooperative and orderly and very self-controlled. However, when the self-control runs out, they tend to explode. They also tend to be a bit #anxious and paranoid. Take good care of your A.

The lists

Vegetables, fruits, whole unprocessed grains, and legumes should make up the backbone of the A diet

A caveat: if you are a woman with a history of over-dieting, over-exercise, and over-stress, you need to spend a few months making sure that you eat poultry or fish at 2+ meals a day. Please trust me on this one. D’Adamo may disagree but I find that women who have been malnourished need the extra protein for a period of time at least.

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To all my B’s and AB’s- I’ve got you, don’t worry. Your posts will be coming out in the following weeks, so stay tuned.

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