Ancestral Living Principles (A Video + Gluten-Free Guide)

In my other life, I moonlight as the executive director of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Professionals. I am an FDN-P, and I get to mentor other FDN-P professionals. I love this job so much- it's like coaching women through health issues, but...

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Group Coaching Starts Monday + Best Foods for Mood

Hi there. Thanks for being here today. As a business owner, I have to talk about my offerings sometimes, though I would rather bore you with statistics, Steroid Hormone Cascades, and peer reviewed journal articles. Yet you, my dear, are reading on. And I am thankful...

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Better Periods is Now Open- Join Now!

Sometimes you just want your hormones to calm down. You'd like to tell them that you need a break. You're sick of waking up exhausted every morning. You're over your heavy periods and ridiculous cramps. You'd give an arm to lose those annoying ten pounds. You've...

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This is Why You Get Period Migraines

If you've never had a migraine, count yourself lucky. Some women get migraines regularly, especially around the time of their periods. Does this happen to you or someone you love? Today, we are going to break down the menstrual migraine. I'm going to show you how...

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toilet paper

Estrogen Dominance and the “C” Word

What C word is she talking about?  Cancer? Nope, though that's an issue too! (source) Before I let your imagination run wild, I'll just answer the question: constipation is our C word today, my dears. If you suffer from this condition, you're not alone. One in three...

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Foods to Combat Hormonal Depression

Last week, we looked at foods that can calm anxiety in the body. But what if you suffer from the opposite problem? What if you have to force yourself to get out of bed in the morning? And your body feels heavy all day? And...

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drowning woman

Foods to Combat Hormonal Anxiety

It's pretty common for women to struggle with either anxiety or depression. It's kind of a sliding scale for many of us. One end of the scale is the wild, fluctuating, terrifying feeling of anxiety. The other end of the scale is the heavy,...

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Beau + Jennie

How the Pill Destroys Your Future Periods

Beau and I dreamed about having a large family even when we were kids ourselves. I met him at 17 and we were hitched by the time I was 19. I wanted to finish school and work for a few years before we started...

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Is The Copper IUD a Good Idea?

You might anticipate my answer here. It's nope. The copper IUD is not a good idea. In fact, for women who are already suffering from PMS, mood swings, and heavy periods, it's a downright bad idea. What is the copper IUD? The copper IUD is a little...

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What to Eat When Dining Out or At Your Desk

I'm kind of tired of writing this week. I'm writing a lot for work and for my master's, and these fingers and this brain are a little weary. It could just be a bit of that I've-been-stuck-in-my-house-for-9-effing-months feeling. Anyone relate? photo...

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