Functional Lab Testing

Learn more about the labs I run to get you feeling better, quickly. 


The DUTCH test is an at-home urine test that gives us information on the following:

– why your periods are off

– why you can’t fall asleep (or stay asleep!)

– why you have no energy in the morning

– why you need a nap every day at 3 pm

– why you feel like you just can’t handle the things you used to be able to handle



The GI-MAP is an at-home stool test that shows us the following:

– why you’re bloated every afternoon

– why you’re constipated (or worse, have constant diarrhea!)

– why you’re dealing with embarrassing gas

– why you feel like you can’t eat gluten

– why you get every cold and flu that comes along



The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is an at-home hair sample test that illuminates:

– why you are exhausted

– why you swear your thyroid is functioning low even though your doctor says your labs are normal

– why you can’t lose weight with a low calorie diet

– why your body doesn’t like birth control

– why La Croix may not be the best habit

– why your energy is so low


Food Sensitivity Panel

The MRT is a laboratory blood draw that gives us an idea of:

– why you can’t eat certain foods without feeling awful

– why some seemingly “healthy” foods may not be best for your body

– why you can eat a wider variety of foods than you think you can

– why your body feels so inflamed

– why your joints are in such pain


Micronutrient Testing

The NutrEval laboratory blood draw and at home urine test show us:

– why you are deficient in certain vitamins

– why you may need more protein (or help breaking down the protein you are eating!)

– why your body may need help to make energy on a cellular level

– why you may not be building healthy new cells

– how you can prevent future disease


Wheat Zoomer

The Wheat Zoomer is a laboratory blood test that shows us once and for all whether you or your child is sensitive to wheat or gluten and what to do about it.


Anything Else You Need

I have access to over 40 functional labs to go as deep as we need to. We can look at gut health, thyroid function, metabolic issues, nutrient absorption issues, and more.

All labs are ordered through our physician-supervised Medical Director Program. It’s not just me on your health care team. I’ve got a whole group of super smart health sleuths backing me up.

Do remember that I can’t diagnose, treat, or prescribe. The information I offer you is just that. I’m a teacher, guide, and coach. And this is an opt-in model of self care.