Jennifer Woodward

Put an end to the cycle of trial and error that is keeping you (and your family) frustrated with your energy, weight, and mood.

What if you could finally pinpoint the exact reasons you feel so awful? The key, as always, is in the knowledge.

Get real answers to the questions you ask yourself every day.

Why am I so exhausted?  Why can I never button my jeans after 2 pm?  Why do I have to run to the bathroom in the middle of my Zoom call?  Why is my period so weird?  Why can I never poop?

I know you’ve already tried everything. I had already tried everything, too.


Restrictive diets like keto, vegan, carnivore, and Isagenix


Hours and hours and hours of exercise


Thousands of dollars in random supplements that never changed a thing


A literal handful of doctors who only wanted to give me birth control and antidepressants


Lab testing that informed me that I was “totally normal” (my husband begged to differ!)

Here’s what I know. I know exactly how to help women reclaim their energy, vibrance, sex drive, and confidence. I’m going to give you the exact toolbox I use with clients to help you really, truly get your groove back. I know it’s in there.

Here’s what we’ll do:

Soothe Your Gut

Bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and food intolerances steal the joy from your day. It’s hard to focus on family or work when you’re in truly gut-wrenching pain all day. I’ll show you how to have the happiest tummy on the block.

Speed Your Metabolism

Have you been told your thyroid labs are normal but you’re still puffy, lethargic, and carrying a few extra pounds? Or maybe you’re on thyroid supplementation but you don’t notice a difference. Maybe everything just feels…depressed. Slow. I’ll give you the magic tools to bring your struggling metabolism back on track.

Stabilize Your Hormones

If your husband, children, and colleagues all know to tiptoe around you during that time of the month, you’re in need of some hormone S.O.S. If you bleed all month, or not at all, you could use an intervention. I’ll bring you my tried and true tips for having a peaceful period.


As of now I’m 16 days in. I have lost 11 lbs, but that’s not even the best part. My face isn’t puffy, my gut’s not so fluffy, and I reduced my thyroid by 1/3 for the last week (’cause I was getting the jitters) and I still have tons of energy (which might also be because I’m actually sleeping at night)!

Amanda Ortman


Prior to starting this I was spotting every day for years, having issues with yeast infection and UTI’s frequently and my dr told me it’s all normal because I have had children So then when I came onto this plan my body loved it and my life as a mom to my children has been wonderful.

Kristy Barnes

Are you Ready To Finally Become Nourished?

Not restricted. Not punished. Not confused.

This is exactly what you get.

A complete 28 Day Program.

Daily Videos To Keep you Ahead of the Game.

Daily chat with Jennifer.

Recipes, shopping lists, meal plan, wellness lifestyle interventions, suggestions for amazing sleep, stress relief principles, journal prompts, and more. Hundreds of women have successfully completed this program, and it’s been tweaked and tested to be as simple and user friendly as possible.

Each day, you’ll get a mini master class and a question and answer session that gives you all of the information you need to execute the plan perfectly. Don’t have time to watch the videos? No problem! We’ve also got a downloadable PDF with every question and answer for easy reference.

This is huge. You’ll get daily access to the creator of Nourished. Ask any questions you want. Get feedback, advice, and questions answered. This service alone is worth $599/ month.

Each week, you’ll get perfectly curated content to help you feel prepared and confident to nourish yourself and your family through food, rest, exercise, and stress reduction.

Five days a week, you’ll receive a video that answers all of the questions you have (and all of the questions you never knew you had!) as well as a Mini Master Class on fun topics like weight loss, sleep, energy, mood, libido, skin, and more!

You’ll also get a treasure trove of bonus materials to help you stay the course effortlessly.

Week One:

  • Week 1 Meal Plan, Shopping List, Recipes
  • Video: Why Was This Program Created?
  • Video: Housekeeping
  • Videos: Days 1 -7 Questions + Mini Master Class
  • BONUS RECIPE: Adrenal Cocktail
  • BONUS RECIPE: Hormone Tonic
  • BONUS RECIPE: Lemon Gut Shot
  • BONUS RECIPE: Hot Chocolate Cravings Buster
  • Guide: Portion Sizes
  • Guide: The Importance of Leisure Time
  • Video: Substitutions
  • BONUS: Monica’s Journey
  • Guide: Finding Balance

Week Two:

  • Week 2 Meal Plan, Shopping List, Recipes
  • Days 8-14 Questions + Mini Master Classes
  •  Guide: The Hunger Scale
  • Guide: The Joy Worksheet

Week Three:

  • Week 3 Meal Plan, Shopping List, Recipes
  • Days 15-21 Questions and Mini Master Classes
  • BONUS: The Change Journal
  • Guide: If your hormones still feel off, try this!
  • BONUS: Check in email progress

Week Four:

  • Week 4 Meal Plan, Shopping List, Recipes
  • Days 22-28 Questions and Mini Master Classes
  • BONUS: How To Batch Cook for Simplicity
  • BONUS: Post-Course Video #`1
  • BONUS: Post- Course Video #2
  • BONUS: Resource for Staying the Course