My Top 3 Favorite Coffee Substitutes

You’ve heard it said, “thou shalt not drink coffee“.

But why? Coffee is so delicious and warm and comforting! Why would a practitioner like myself encourage you to give it up for a time?

First, let’s make one thing clear. All foods and drinks are given to us by a good God to enjoy. In my Bible study this week, we were discussing the Law (10 Commandments) and also the extra restrictions and focus on “morality” placed on the Law by the Judaizers.

The 10 Commandments show us that we can’t be perfect, and that we need a Savior to rescue us. The 10 Commandments are hard enough (read: impossible) to keep, and Jesus goes further in Matthew, reminding us sin lies in the intention of our hearts and not just in outward actions.

Why am I talking about this?

Because in today’s weird diet culture, abstinence from certain foods or drinks can be mistakenly elevated to morality. You’ll heard things like, “Oh, you’re not eating that? You’re so goood. I wish I were that good”.

We don’t get holy brownie points for giving up coffee or alcohol or sugar. It’s not a morality issue. I work a lot with Christian women, and often I will see the internal struggle within as my girls wrestle through “good food” and “bad food”.

It’s just food. 

There’s food and drink that supports health. And there’s food and drink that supports illness. If we’re looking at nutrition from a supportive and nourishing point of view instead of a restricting and punitive point of view, new possibilities open up and your outlook can shift for the positive.

How coffee supports illness

My teacher and mentor Reed Davis, creator of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, reminded me again this week that even though current alternative wellness gurus like to spout the line all disease begins in the gut, that’s not always necessarily the case. All disease begins in the altered stress response of the body.

Does your day look like this?

  • Wake up to an early alarm
  • drink coffee on an empty stomach
  • run the kids to school
  • run to your workout or your job
  • skip lunch or try to eat very little
  • run to pick kids up
  • run kids around to various activities while drinking coffee to get through the afternoon slump
  • run home to try to throw dinner together
  • drink wine or sugar free vodka as you’re making dinner just to calm down
  • do laundry, clean, or work a bit more after dinner
  • fall into bed, exhausted, only to find yourself unable to fall asleep or stay asleep
  • get up and do it again

You’re doing what so many of us do- using coffee to just get through a stressful and long day. But at the same time, your hormones are taking a hit. One of my teachers calls this whipping the adrenals.

We want less whipping. Right?


While only you can make the changes in your schedule that allow for less stress during the day, I can offer a few coffee substitutions that you can enjoy throughout the day without a negative impact on your adrenal glands.

The Subs


My first pick is something kind of new to me. One of my own health coaches (practitioners need practitioners!) recommended Bueno coffee substitute to me and I am smitten. Made from garbanzo beans, the hazelnut flavor is rich and enticing. With a bit of oatmilk and some stevia, you can’t convince me I’m not drinking coffee. Bueno is made from ground and roasted chickpeas, so it’s gluten and nut free, though not legume free. I’ve had no gut issues like bloating after drinking it.

I put my Bueno into a french press and sip on in in the morning and also after dinner. Yum!


I’ve loved Teecino for years. I feel like the taste of Bueno is more robust and definitely stronger, though two bags of Teecino is a strong enough cup of “no joe” for me. I’ll add vanilla collagen powder, oat milk, and some stevia for a lovely morning beverage.

Teecino is made from chicory and ramon seeds and is also gluten free.

Hot Chocolate Cravings Buster

Hands down, my favorite drink of all time is the Hot Chocolate Cravings Buster. Even Beau and my kids will drink this, and it’s a staple in all of my suggested meal plans. I love the rich chocolaty taste, the gut-healing collagen powder, and the warm bite of cinnamon.

Have you tried these? Will you try them now? Let me know!



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