Get The Simplified 14 Day Reset: Get Healthy, Simply.

Get 14 Days of New Recipes, Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Lifestyle Advice, and Brand New Mini Master Classes on Vitamins- Protect Your Family's Health.

Here’s what I know. I know exactly how to help women reclaim their energy, vibrance, sex drive, and confidence. I’m going to give you the exact toolbox I use with clients to help you really, truly get your groove back. I know it’s in there.

Here’s what you'll get:

Full 14 Day Plan

Get 14 full days of a daily plan- exactly what you need to do from the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night. You’ll have suggested (brand new!) recipes, meal plan, exercise suggestions, stress management tips, and more. You hold the roadmap to better health and hormones in your hand!

Brand New Mini Master Classes

Get 14 days of brand new Mini Master Classes on Vitamins and Minerals. Learn how to keep yourself and your family healthy during these crazy times. You’ll get self-paced modules that give you the details on what vitamins help particular imbalances in the body, along with an Easy Reference Cheat Sheet to make it simple to help your family.

Lively + Fun Facebook Group

It’s ridiculous how much fun we have in the Facebook group. I’m in there every day to answer questions and encourage you. Our veteran members will do the same! If you’re brand new, prepare to be welcomed into the family with open arms.

Are you Ready To Simplify Your Health?

This is exactly what you get.

For 14 Days, you’ll get perfectly curated content to help you feel prepared and confident to nourish yourself and your family through food, rest, exercise, and stress reduction.

You’ll get 14 Days of information-packed, easily digestible information on how to use vitamins and minerals to support the health and immunity of your family.

You’ll also get a treasure trove of bonus materials to help you stay the course effortlessly, including two pages of Vitamins and Minerals Cheat Sheets.

Days 1-3:

  • Complete 55-Page Guide on what to do on the daily
  • Suggested Meal Plans
  • Suggested Recipes with Nutrition Information
  • Substitution Guide
  • Tips on Sleep
  • Tips on Stress Management
  • Tips on Exercise
  • Introduction to the Wellness Wheel and achieving balance
  • Mini Master Class 1: Housekeeping
  • Mini Master Class 2: The Wellness Wheel
  • Mini Master Class 3: My Nutrition Philosophy

Days 4-5:

  • Mini Master Class 4: Vitamin C – immunity, virus protection, skin health
  • Mini Master Class 5: Vitmin D – immunity, virus protection, bone health, autoimmune issues
  • Vitamins and Minerals Cheat Sheet
  • Brand New Sheet Pan Meal Recipes

Days 6-12:

  • Week 2 Suggested Meal Plan
  • Mini Master Class 6: B1 | Thiamin – blood sugar regulation
  • Mini Master Class 7: B2 | Riboflavin – migraine prevention
  • Mini Master Class 8: Wellness Wheel Week 2
  • Mini Master Class 9: B3 | Niacin – mood stability
  • Mini Master Class 10: B6 |Pyridoxine – PMS relief
  • Mini Master Class 11: B9 | Folate – healthy pregnancies
  • Mini Master Class 12: B12 | Cobalamin – metabolism

Days 13-15:

  • Mini Master Class 13: Magnesium – stress, periods, energy
  • Mini Master Class 14: Zinc – skin, immunity, gut health
  • Mini Master Class 14.5:  Potassium – swelling, heart rate, energy
  • Mini Master Class 14.75: The Wellness Wheel Final Check-In
  • Imbalance Quick Reference Guide