What to Eat When Dining Out or At Your Desk

I’m kind of tired of writing this week. I’m writing a lot for work and for my master’s, and these fingers and this brain are a little weary. It could just be a bit of that I’ve-been-stuck-in-my-house-for-9-effing-months feeling. Anyone relate?

photo via Unsplash by Nielson Ramon

One of the things I was working on this week was my brand new 90-Day-Program Better Periods. I’m pretty jazzed about this. I’m also thankful for my friend Amanda, who is helping me edit this huge project.

It takes a village, ladies.

One of the things she prompted me to create was a guide on what to eat at restaurants or, in her words, “at my desk when I literally don’t have time to get up to microwave the leftovers I brought with me”.

So here it is, for you. I hope it helps you on those busy busy days. Stay well, my friends!

If you’re anxious to get a Better Period sooner rather than later, you can always book a Discovery Call with me here:



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