We finished our January Reset on Super Bowl Monday. And while the Chiefs are pretty awesome, I have to say that my Resetters are champs, too.

These ladies pushed past the first rough couple of days to achieve pretty amazing results. I am so proud of their hard work, their creativity, their thirst for knowledge, and the way they encouraged their fellow Resetters.

The 28 Day Reset it a done-for-you #program that gives you exact instructions on what to do for #diet, #rest, #exercise, #stress relief, and optional #supplementation.

It includes recipes, a detailed #mealplan, complete #shopping lists, and daily #support on the group-specific Facebook groups. I am on there every day, #teaching and checking in on my girls so that everyone feels supported and attended to. I love these group #coaching programs and we always get great #results!

Today, I will be sharing some of those results with you.

Of course, I need to protect the anonymity of my Resetters, but we had 38 amazing ladies participate in our January 2020 28 Day #Reset, and all of them were amazing. Some are more quiet online and prefer to work things out in their own way. Some love the group camaraderie and support that comes from checking in every day. Either way, I grow to love them all by the end of the 28 days and neither I nor my participants ever want the challenge to end.

I’ll be running two programs in the next few months. If you didn’t make it for the January Challenge, have no fear.

14 Day Spring Slimdown (March 2-16)

April 28 Day Reset (April 1-29)

The 28 Day Reset starts with a bit of a whimper. Participants are asked to cut down on and finally give up their #coffee. This helps the system readjust and rely on its own cortisol production. As women re-learn what foods actually fuel their bodies (hint: it’s not #keto!), they sometimes struggle with wrapping their heads around the fact that foods like #rice and #fruit are actually ok to eat.

Rice, and plenty of it, is fine and even good to eat when you are in a mild calorie deficit. You must eat less to lose weight. But you can’t eat too little #food, and you can’t be #hungry. Otherwise, the plan won’t last. I have designed the Reset to have you eating four times a day. Participants report that they never feel hungry, and that they realize that before the Reset, they were simply eating too much food.

Fruits are friendly, I promise. If you can’t digest them, then we have work to do. If your hormones are off, you probably need fruit. If you are #constipated or have #thyroid issues, you probably need fruit. Fruit doesn’t make you fat. Below is one of our yummy Reset snacks- blueberries, macadamia nuts, and coconut flakes. You’ll have 2-4 servings of fruit a day on the Reset for #energy, #hormone balance, and proper #digestion.

Participants come to the Reset for many reasons, but most women just don’t feel well. Bloating, digestive issues, terrible periods, no energy, and weight loss resistance are all reasons I have seen women want a Reset. Listen to one of them:

This Resetter went on to meet her goal of fixing her digestive issues and getting back to her fighting weight:

This dear girl went through some rough times during our private client time together, and worked through her heartache and difficulty to take care of herself well and practice healthy habits. She says she looks and feels great and I could not be happier for her.

Women often wonder how the Reset will affect their families. Will my husband eat this food? What about my kids?

I’m happy to report that nearly 100% of the meals are family friendly. Husbands like them. Kids like them.

Sometimes a kid or a husband may have to step outside their comfort zones, but most of them are happy to eat a green bean or a piece of chicken.

That said, one or two recipes may be questionable for family members:

Ok, you’re family is welcome to disregard the one night that we have arugula with dinner, but maybe they like spicy yummy different greens. It’s up to you!

When you see something you don’t think your family will like (honestly, this is rare)- just swap one dinner for another dinner.

What does a day look like on the 28 Day Reset?

Here is a sample day. We work on diet, of course. But we also work on rest, outside time, leisure time, bath time, exercise, and sleep.

And every day- every day- we get a treat.

Every day, girl. If that’s what you want for your treat.

Myself, I’m a chocolate chip sister. But when goals are hit for the day (each item completed gets you a checked box, and 8 checks earn the treat- if you hit 7, I’ll still give you the treat), out comes the evening treat. Enjoy, guilt free.

For regular food, meals are diverse and rich in nutrients. There is always protein. There is always abundant produce. And good, healthy fats. Here are some of the pictures my girls took of their meals throughout the month.

Many women travel throughout the month for work or family obligations. I can instruct you on how to travel and still stick with the plan. Preparation is key, but traveling and sticking to the Reset principles is very doable.

And yummy. Did I say yummy?

Another perk of the Reset is our daily video. I teach for 5-20 minutes on an area of health that is pertinent and hopefully helpful and entertaining for my girls.

The videos are a great way to learn more about your body and to stay encouraged and accountable.

Beyond Diet

Food is important- foundational, even. I want to give you recipes that taste great, that are easy to make, and that don’t break the bank.

But food is only part of the equation. Equally important are things like sleep, exercise, leisure time, and being outside.

Every day (except Sundays, natch!), participants are encouraged to get 30 minutes or so of exercise.

What you do is up to you!

Movement is great for mental balance, for sleep, for weight control, and for digestion. Make it part of your day and keep the habit going.

Another part of the day is leisure time. What did you do before you had to adult all of the time? What gives you joy?

One participant renewed her love of watercolor and produced some amazing work to share with the group.

I LOVE THIS! Take a moment each day to disengage from the busy and the stressful. Use the other side of your brain. Switch from the sympathetic to parasympathetic dominant nervous system and breathe a little easier.

We also have bath time. That’s right. You know how much I love to recommend baths. You get quiet time, elevated body temperature, sweat to push out stored body gunk, and plenty of magnesium from epsom salts. No kids, no husband, no phones, no work- just you and a book or music or nothing at all. Make it part of your day like my Resetters have learned to do!

While the journey is not always easy, most women feel pretty damn good at the end of the 28 Days. In 28 Days you could feel pretty damn good too!

On mood, energy, and pain:

On sleep:

On helpful lessons learned:

And on weight:

Stinking amazing. These ladies rocked it. I am so proud of the them and their hard work!!

Want to be next? My April 28 Day Reset drops April 1 and runs through April 29.

Early birds get $20 off. Join today with coupon code LETSDOTHIS.

If you just want to dip a toe in, grab my 14 Day Spring Slimdown, which runs March 2-16. Use code IAMREADY for $10 off.

Are you ready? I sure am!

Let me know if you have any questions.

To your spring health,