Amazon Products That Make Mommin’ Easier

Hormones, digestion, thyroid….blah blah blah.

How about shopping? Amazon? Yes, please.

I know I am not the only one who averages a package a day on Amazon. I rarely go to the store anymore, except for food. And since I live in suburbia and not …urbia?… I am sure it is only a matter of time until I get my produce delivered daily via Amazon as well.

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I get my kids’ socks and band concert shoes and underwear and school shirts on Amazon. I get most of my own clothes on Amazon. I get coffee and random supplements and hair bands all on Amazon.

While the occasional fun treat slips into a box, most of my purchases are extremely practical and inordinately helpful. Especially for a working mom of four.

I wanted to share some of my favorite practical tips with you, and I was hoping you would share a few of your practical tips also. Drop me a note to let me in on the fun ways Amazon makes your life a little easier.

Pocket Pill Cases

All supplements have to be filtered through the liver. Some are extremely processed and can possibly do more harm than good. I am very choosy about the supplements I take and recommend. I try to stick with single components in a supplement if possible, targeted for one symptom or problem.

Case in point: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

I fight a recurrent Epstein Barr infection. Without Vitamin C and oil of oregano, once every week or so, my glands will get swollen, my throat will kill me, and my neck will get all achy. If I have my trusty pill case with 10-20 grams of Vitamin C, I’m good to go. My kids now know to ask for the C if they are feeling under the weather. I give it out to other people- friends, clients, strangers- all of the time. I love having it in my bag in these adorable cases.

Oil Of Oregano

This is Number 2 in my repertoire. My dear friend Nicole shared this cool book with me about 8 years ago, and Oil of Oregano has been in my cupboard ever since. And in my car. And in my purse. And at my office. And in Beau’s car. And in my travel bag. It’s that amazing.

At the first sign of aches or a sore throat, I toss a (diluted! with olive oil in a 1/oregano:10/olive oil) dropperful down my throat and feel it killing off any infection I am currently fighting. It is helpful in subduing chronic viral infections and bacterial infections.

Use caution. I have seen the following:

1) A grown woman in a high professional position, literally crawling on the floor in disgust after ingesting a few drops of oil of oregano. She got back up and was fine.

2) A grown man slamming his giant fist on the backseat of my minivan, cursing and yelling as he tried desperately to remove oregano oil from his crotch. I had taken a turn too quickly in the black ninja minivan at the very moment he went to land a few drops of oil of oregano in his mouth. The car went one way and the dropper went another, and the caustic oil seeped straight through his jeans into the ol’ babymaker. It took about 57 baby wipes and a high speed minivan adventure straight to our home shower for us to learn the awesome and terrifying power of oil of oregano.

Lesson: dilute.

1 drop oil of oregano to 10 drops olive oil. No more .

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover

I received this at my friend Gretchen’s annual Favorite Things Party. It has changed my life. I do laundry for 6 people. And sometimes for like 8 or 9 people if kids are spending the night. Our family participates in football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and swim team. Stuff gets dirty.

This spot remover has changed my life (did I say that already?). Get three.

JBL Extreme

Sometimes I want to listen to The National. Sometimes, it’s Nora in Pure or Rufus du Sol. Sometimes it’s Josh Garrels or Need to Breathe. I may want to let my Bossanova Pandora station play.

Regardless, I love music. I adore music. I want it with me at all times, and this JBL lets me literally bump the stereo up on my shoulder and hoist it from room to room. I bring it on vacation. I play it in the garage when I work out, or in the backyard when we swim. I throw that thing in my Audi, which is circa 2011 and does not play music from the stereo.

With a soundtrack that mirrors my moods, I feel like I can get through my day. Music, regardless of your preference, makes mommin’ that much better.

The Coolest Backpack

While I mostly like to fly under the radar in life, I appreciate the occasional compliment at times, just like the next mom.

I get compliments all of the time on this backpack. It was like $35 dollars. I was looking for something to hold my laptop, my Vitamin C (natch), my water bottle, and my phone and not throw my back out. I found this. It’s the best bag I’ve had yet. If you are a mom who works out of the house, you will love it. If you are a mom that works from the house, you will love it. If you are a mom that is carrying around babies and baby stuff, you will love it. I have it in brown, but it is cute in black too.

These Shoes

As I said, sometimes something fun finds its way into my Amazon purchase. These shoes are one of those fun finds. Inexpensive, retro (not my usual style, but fun nonetheless), mid heel (read: comfy as F), and available in fun colors, these shoes fit the work/church/social bill.


Dr. Blake. Worth the 7$/ month. That is all.

What are your current faves? Let me know!

And hey.

Happy Mother’s Day.

I know my own mom. I know friends that are moms of children. I know friends who proudly wear their “Dog Mom” hats and look damn good doing so. I know moms whose hearts ache to breaking because they want to have children and the Lord has not given that in their lives. I know moms who have lost children.

Whoever you are, nourish yourself today. Speak kindly to yourself and others. Rest and eat well. Laugh and forgive. Go to bed early after a hot bath and a cup or glass of something amazing. Give plenty of hugs.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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