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Brand New (Free Course): Happy Healthy Hormones

This week, I finished a new course and I am so excited to share it with you.

It’s totally free, and it’s a bit of everything that we do here. You’ll get 7 days of a suggested meal plan, shopping list, recipes, mini recorded classes, handouts, workbooks, and more.

Here’s everything you get:

Day 1: Diet
Welcome to Happy Healthy Hormones
Suggested Meal Plan
Wellness Wheel Workbook
Gluten Free Guide
Day 2: Rest
Epsom Salt Baths
My Top 10 Tips for Sleep
Day 3: Exercise
Stress Management: Do this 3x/ Day
Christian Guided Scriptures for Anxiety and Stress
Day 4: Stress Module
Need Help with Specific Supplements?
Day 5: Supplement Module
Day 6: Putting It All Together
You did it!
Bonus Gift: Core Hormone Recipes
Bonus Gift: Healthy Grilling Recipes
Day 7: Next Steps
You can grab it here 🙂 Have fun!


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