Delicious + Easy Sheet Pan Meals

We girls are really good at doing seven things at once. But sometimes, it feels like one more thing is just too overwhelming. And usually, that one more thing is cooking dinner.

If I had an hour every night all to myself, I really would love to lounge in the kitchen, listening to Waldeck and preparing four or five delicious dishes for my family.

But those days are few and far between. And in these COVID days, we don’t really have the option of dining out. Nor is it financially responsible for a big family to eat out all of the time.

So, most nights are either something on the grill + salad or a big sheet pan meal. The kids seem to be happy with both. Sheet pan meals are endlessly customizable. You can take anything in your fridge or freezer and arrange it on a pan, season creatively, and have dinner ready in 30 minutes with about 5 minutes of prep work. Sheet pan meals are a busy mom’s dear and beloved friend.

Here are a few easy recipes to get you started!


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