Facial Mapping Can Reveal Imbalances In the Body

Do you ever wonder why you break out on your jawline every month? Or why your neck gets red and itchy after a hard week with the kids?

Your face can be a revealing window into your body’s function and dysfunction.

Since your skin is a large organ of detoxification, when there are blemishes on the skin, it can follow that there are imbalances deeper in the body.

Let’s look at some of the more common areas zits or redness might appear.

The Liver

If you have gallbladder issues or liver problems, you might break out in the middle of your forehead or along the bridge of your nose. This area reflects poor digestions and stress. Lack of clean water, protein, and vegetables can lead to a clogged liver. Your body might alert you with a smattering of pimples right in the middle of your lovely forehead.

Solution: Eat two 6 oz. portions of clean animal protein each day, make sure you are eating bitter leafy greens with at least one meal daily, and drink 80 of filtered water. Add a pinch of grey Celtic sea salt to your water to keep electrolyte balance. 

The Bladder and Small Intestine

This area also reveals digestive issues. If you’re dehydrated or constipated, you’re likely to see some redness or breakouts in the area right above your eyebrows.

Solution: Keep well-hydrated. Drink 16 oz hot water with lemon each morning on an empty stomach to encourage elimination, and add in some digestive support like magnesium or vitamin C if you need help moving things along in the digestion department. 

The Kidneys

If you’ve got dark circles under your eyes, it’s likely that you have food intolerances or that your kidney function is a bit compromised.

Solution: Drink plenty of water and consider a food sensitivity test.

The Heart

Heart disease is still the top cause of death for women in western nations, so if you see redness or blemishes regularly in your nose area, you might want to consider taking better care of your heart. Broken capillaries in this area can also show a cardiovascular imbalance.

Solution: exercise appropriately- 10,000 steps a day with regular weight lifting is great for cardiovascular health. Optimize your calcium and potassium levels. Get great sleep. 

The Lungs

The Jawline

The jawline is a classic place to break out if you’ve got hormonal imbalance. If you’re breaking out on the side of your jawline, it’s likely estrogen dominance issues. You might not be conjugating or eliminating your estrogens appropriately.

Solution: Eat lots of carrots, prunes, almonds, flax seed, and raspberries. 

The Chin

Breaking out on the bottom of your chin is also associated with dysregulated hormones. However, blemishes here are likely due to insulin resistance and higher testosterone levels. If you’ve got a newly hairy chin, you can be pretty sure that you’ve got some testosterone dominance.

Solution: Regulate insulin levels and learn about testosterone imbalance through something like Better Periods

Le Neck

It’s a real big bummer when your neck is affected. You can tell a woman’s age by looking at her neck, bien sur, but you can also tell how stressed out she is. If your neck is red and inflamed, or if you’ve got big hormonal acne bumps in this area, you’ve likely got an overabundance of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Solution: Take baths. Get sunshine. Laugh. Pray. Quit something. Hug someone for at least one full minute every day.

I hope this is a helpful guide for you as you use your skin to dive deeper into imbalance in the body.  If you’re just ready to run the labs and get on with it, you can grab a DUTCH test and consultation here. 

To your skin and body health,




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