Gina’s Journey

Gina. Gina. I adore you.

So first of all, Gina was my Body Pump instructor like 16 years ago, before I had kids. When my stomach may or may not have had a small shadow of abs. Alas. those days are gone. But Gina is still leading women through kick-ass workouts here in Bakersfield. Her women love her tough love and the way she shapes their bodies.

But Gina came kicking and screaming into the 28 Day Reset. She initially thought she wanted to shore up her nutrition, and then she realized that she decided to change her lifestyle right in the middle of her two summer vacations.

“No time like the present!”

-annoying FDN

She was good about vocalizing her concerns though, and we got to work through and address them. I think we both appreciated this about each other. I love it- love it- when my girls are active on the Facebook group during a group coaching session because I can get a better gauge of what is going on and how to help. Gina was brilliant at asking for help and advice. I think her input helped many of the other group members feel at ease.

Gina did such an amazing job at tackling her Reset. I loved having a front seat to her struggles and her victories and I wanted to laugh and complain and cry and celebrate right along with her. She is a dynamic personality and strong as all get out. I so appreciate her allowing me to share her words with you.

Gina’s Words

“Hi. My name is Gina Sedenko, and I am a 28-day reset survivor.”

As a fitness enthusiast since the age of 18, I rarely considered a nutrition plan of any kind. I’m healthy, I’m not allergic to anything that I know of, I eat in moderation, and I get regular exercise. Why should a specific food plan be required? These were my thoughts just a few short weeks ago. But as I get closer to age 50, the struggle to maintain consistent weight has become greater. It was time to make a change. I know many people who have worked in a small group or have had personal sessions with Jennie, and they’ve had great success. So in May, 2020, coming off the craziest school year in my 22-year teaching profession, I decided I needed a program of some kind to push me and provide the education and encouragement I knew were necessary to make a positive turn toward optimal health.

I give you day 1: I’m tired, irritable, craving sweets and coffee, practically puked after the lemon gut shot, mad I committed, complaining to my 18-year-old daughter (also joining me on the reset) and to my friends, and feeling guilty for asking them to participate with me.

Day 3: I pack to leave on a 7 night vacation in Newport Beach with a car filled with more groceries and spices than luggage. I went to my closet and cried. “Why the heck did I DO this? And WHY NOW?” All of our favorite places to eat and grab snacks…And now I won’t have the privilege to participate?! GRRRRR!!!!!

I’m just being 100% transparent here. I felt bad for my family members too, because I needed to “Stick To The Plan As Much As Possible,” so that meant either they ate what I cooked, compromised, or they had to prepare their own meals. Finally, by day 5, I had settled in. I felt some positive changes in my body, and that drove me to press on. I found that keeping busy was key for me; but to be sure I had my next meal prepped and with me if I went out and about.

I began to feel the satisfaction that came with taking charge of what I put into my body. I was very consistent with Jennie’s carefully considered plan – the 4 meals, 64 oz. daily water intake, exercise (not too much, not too little), leisure and sun time, salt baths, and 8-ish hour sleeps.

After week 2, I had lost 5 pounds, and at this point, the reset was more convenient than ever. After all, I had my grocery lists prepped for me and weekly meals, snacks, and treats planned. No longer were we wondering, “What’s for dinner?” I LOVED THAT! Prior to this commitment, I would grab whatever I had in the fridge/pantry. Not necessarily “bad,” but not well thought out. Pasta with peppers, grilled chicken and cheese quesadillas, sometimes a soda, and ALWAYS desserts. I also found myself at Chick-Fil-A at least once a week – – usually twice – – and maybe SubStation or Subway for a hearty sandwich and chips for lunch once a week. Now, I know better. I may have those once in a while for a JOY eat (not a cheat day, but one special meal that I look forward to all week long), but mostly I will remember that clean, whole foods nourish me, fuel my body, and have specific purposes. PROTEIN is PRIORITY! Carbs and good fats are also important. P.S. By carbs, I don’t mean bread. I mean those found in fresh veggies and fruit, and clean goodness.

Yesterday was day 28, and I feel fantastic! I’m down 7 pounds, and I lost 3 inches total – 2 from my hips and 1 from my waist. My face looks more vibrant and bright and less puffy. My tummy is flatter and my arms and legs appear to be more toned. The girls I started with, my daughter, and I are not complaining anymore, rather, we plan to keep truckin’ with the principles Jennie taught us. And yes, I still take that lemon gut shot that I complained about and initially made me sick…because, well, a healthy gut is a game changer!! The 90 or so gals in this reset are now friends, sharing new recipes, victories, and encouraging one another to continue on their quest toward elite wellness. It’s true. This sceptic is forever changed!

Now that I understand HOW to feel my best, why would I do anything differently? I’m truly grateful for the time, consistent energy, educational professionalism, and tough love that Jennifer Woodward provided to me, my daughter, my girl gang, and all participants – now friends – during these past several weeks.

Today, I begin day 29 of the rest of my life.

The 28-day reset PLAN in my own words:

The 28 day reset follows an ancestral plan – meaning “If your great great great grandma didn’t consume it (foods) or do it (extreme over exercise) then you shouldn’t either.” If it can be picked, gathered, or hunted, it’s REAL food. All things that may cause inflammation… soy, dairy, gluten are cut out, and nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers….) are limited. It’s similar to a Paleo or whole 30 diet… but certain foods are added in as the plan progresses. The reset is n​ot​ a diet. We eat 1,800-ish calories per day divided between 4 meals each day PLUS a daily treat! The goal is to encourage lifestyle changes and promote a healthy balance – eating and doing what your body was masterfully created to do. These modifications, along with proper rest and daily sunshine, work together for women of all ages to promote healthy hormones, sleep habits, optimal nutrition and overall health, allowing them to be the best they can be so that they may fulfill their God-given purpose. -Gina Sedenko

(Gina, I love your synopsis and I am totally using it. Thank you!)

I got this text from Gina this week:

She is sticking with the principles of the Reset, and her body dropped another 2 pounds. That’s 9 total, in about 5 weeks. I would say that’s pretty awesome. I’m a little biased of course. But Gina’s story goes to show you that with the right commitment, the right mindset, and the right support, some amazing healthy changes can take place. It’s all on you, Gina girl. Excellent work!

You can grab the 28 Day Reset for yourself here.

You can also get ahold of Gina for more information on her private fitness coaching here.

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