My Food Sensitivity Test Results (Boo!)

After getting some interesting food sensitivity test results back from clients recently, I decided to re-run my own food sensitivity panel.

As I continue to heal from my surgery, I’ve been more intentional about continuing to drill down on my nutrition and lifestyle. I love my Reset programs because they give me a concentrated break from sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

In fact, in the group, the ladies have been able to post their victory trophies each day-

It’s a fun way to get to celebrate our milestones together.

While an ancestral, whole-foods diet is always my go-to in my personal life and also my practice, I was starting to get curious about my personal food sensitivities. I still have some nagging fatigue and stomach issues and so I decided to bite the bullet and run my test.

And I was as surprised with my own results as my clients usually are with their own. Grown women have sat in my office and cried after receiving their MRT results. They have just realized that they are sensitive to all of their favorite and most oft-eaten foods.

I was the same way, particularly because avocado is at the top of the list of my most sensitive foods. I eat avocado daily, sometimes twice or three times a day!

So now I’ll be tweaking my diet to remove all of my sensitive foods, including a class of foods that fall into the “amine” category (basically every fun food ever- bacon, sausage, coffee, smoked salmon, and peanut butter!).

I detail my test in the video below. Walk through an MRT with me and see what I’ll be doing about my own food sensitivities for the time being.

And if the MRT interests you, I’m running a special on the mini-package until October 1 only. Get $100 off your food sensitivity package this week only with code FALLMRT. It’s a fascinating test, and learning what foods your body likes and does not like can be a powerful weapon to fight inflammation, fatigue, skin issues, gut issues, and autoimmune flares. 


Here’s the cute little cheat sheet card you get with your test- it’s my grocery shopping/ dining out card:

The test also comes with a robust book chock-full of rotation diet suggestions, lists of where specific ingredients might hide out, and alternative options for sensitive foods. You’ll also get a 45 minute results and recommendations session with me plus 30 days of unlimited chat and email support, along with specific recipes and recommendations based off of your results.

Get the special for one week only! Don’t forget to “apply coupon” at check out using code FALLMRT.

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