Ready for a Reset?

The next round of the 28 Reset starts September 8, and I am so excited!

What is the Lightened Up – 28 day Reset?  It is a system to help you feel more energetic, sleep better, lose weight, and reduce inflammation.

Every part of your day is planned for you- breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner; exercise options; recipes; grocery lists; stress relief techniques. Expect to eat four full and satisfying meals each day and never feel hungry.  Most of the foods included are autoimmune paleo protocol friendly.  The plan has been completely revamped and lightened up so you have to spend very little time in the kitchen. It’s perfect for busy working, homeschooling, or home-tending moms and their families.

The coolest thing about these Resets is really the Facebook group. I teach mini master classes every weekday, which you can attend live or just watch later in the day. You can ask your questions every single day and I will answer them live for you. We started this in the last Reset, and my girls really seemed to like it. We got to know each other really well, and that was helpful because it was COVID and we were all feeling a little lonely.

I love teaching my mini master classes because I get to share with you everything I have been learning lately. I’ve been knee-deep in mitochondrial (energy-creating!) function and the psychology of habit change. These two concepts will get a lot of coverage in our master classes. You’ll learn how to get more energy and also how to make real, lasting changes in your habits and lifestyle. It will be fun, I promise 🙂 Reports from previous Reset participants-

I have been so blessed by this reset. Thank you for making this affordable. And thank you for making eating healthy easy to do. I have always been intimidated by eating healthier meals because it felt so overwhelming.”

“I am SO sad it is over! I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg and I want to learn more!! Your timing for this reset could not have come at a more perfect time in my life! I’ve been a very sad “empty nester” for the past 3 years and to have my two college kids back home has been such a blessing! While hubby is working from home and the twins are doing college & now an internship at home — this reset has given me such a “job” and I am so grateful!”

“I love the healthy lifestyle principles that you have taught us and the delicious recipes…Nourishing the body, NOT deprivation…fueling the body in a way that you will look and feel your best. My husband and I have really been inspired over the last month while doing this together. You are a blessing to ME, too!”

“Wow! It’s been the best, I’m so thankful I joined this time around. It was so good for my body to get back to being nourished with good foods. I loved all that I have learned this time around, and the food plan is 1000% better than the first time I did it. Much simpler, I never felt overwhelmed, loved eating leftovers for lunch!! And I lost 7 lbs ???????? feel great and equipped to go have fun on vacation and be sensible. I have pre-planned my foods and I am prepared! Thank you thank you thank you ????”

“I’m beyond thankful for all of the time and effort put in to this reset. I’m feeling so much better and a lot of my health issues have subsided. I’m looking forward to doing the reset again. I planned out all my meals, most of which I’m doing again from the delicious recipes and some I’ve come up with using the tools we’ve learned.”

“I am so thankful for your hard word and cheerful dedication throughout this reset! It’s been great. I’ve learned so much and feel that, fundamentally, my mindset has changed to be more focused on long-term health and joyful, nourished living than on the next ‘diet’ to lose a few pounds.”

“I couldn’t have stayed in plan without the encouragement and accountability of this group. I love learning more about how our bodies work and that I can take what I learn and share it with my family and friends. My plan is to stick to the reset the majority of the time to maintain my weight and health.”

“I am sad that it is ending. I feel like people I don’t even know are now friends. I am glad my gut is doing so much better. I am not stopping on eating in a healthy way.”

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work putting this together for us, doing the mini master classes, and answering all of our questions! This was an amazing experience. I have learned so much from you and look forward to implementing your healthy lifestyle principles in my everyday life. Although, I am sad I won’t have your live videos to look forward to everyday! Thank you so so much for everything!

“Oh my goodness. I feel like this has been a game changer for me. I have always been pretty good about eating in moderation and trying to eat “real food”. But the meals were excellent as was the instruction on how to eat was so beneficial. But your description of the program was so accurate. It was much more than just about food and losing weight. I have so appreciated the mini masterclasses and information on how many systems in our body work. It has been a good reminder that many of the things I cannot fix without actually doing the work of changing my life and my habits. Speaking of my habits, I have really been focused on changing them. More movement, more rest, more leisure, more intentionality with food and the rest of my life. And most importantly, at the end of the day, it is fairly easily maintainable. It is not a crazy diet and set of foods to order. There are always grounding principles that can help you make better decisions in every circumstance.” “I got my period at the end of the reset and although I don’t usually have terrible PMS symptoms they were pretty much non existent. I lost ten pounds and feel like I have control of my cravings and food choices.”  You will receive information on the private Facebook group when you purchase the plan. 

Here’s my sweet friend Gina’s synopsis of the 28 Day Reset. I like Gina’s story because she was totally “not in” after she signed up. She gave me crap for a few days, even. And then her mindset shifted and she started just killing it. She says it better than I ever could, and I’m thankful for her sharing her story with us!

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