People who love me tell me that my blog posts are too long. My nerdy mind loves the science and the “why”. But most people, I’m told, just want the practical applications.

So let me share.

Antibiotics are amazing if you need them. Most people don’t need them. This is not new information. You have already heard that antibiotics are overused and overprescribed.

It’s not the doctors’ fault. It is the pharmaceutical companies’ fault. You can trust me because I used to sell drugs for a living. I gave out all sorts of outrageous incentives to the doctors who would write my drugs. And I got paid handsomely for doing so.

That world galvanized me into the world I now live in. The question I ask myself now is, “How can I care for my family in the best way possible, with the least amount of harm done?” The drugs I sold to pediatricians wiped out the biodiversity of the digestive tract of little children. Mea culpa.

So please, mamas, don’t give your kids antibiotics unless they absolutely need them. You need a healthy microbiome. Antibiotics wipe out this biodiverse living organism that resides in your gut. Your microbiome stops disease, creates energy-giving B-vitamins, manufactures serotonin (happiness!) and melatonin (sleep!), and makes you poop. All the good things.

But what happens when you or your child or your significant other are really, truly sick?

Right now, I have a sinus infection. It’s first one in, like, 5 years. But my kids are back in school and my office is in a doctors’ office. I knew this day would come.

I want to feel better! I’m not sitting idly by, waiting three weeks for my body to “heal itself”. But I am certainly not wiping out my healthy gut bacteria with a broad spectrum antibiotic.

So I am using Biocidin. Biocidin is still an antibiotic. But many herbs are antimicrobial. Biocidin is a broad-spectrum herbal supplement that will kill the baddies. However, it does its job without cultivating drug-resistant superbacteria.

Biocidin has been clinically researched and determined efficacious against the following organisms:

Aspergillus niger

Candida albicans

Escherichia coli

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Staphylococcus aureaus

Damn, girl! Did you say Candida and E. Coli?

Yes, I did.

Have you heard of MRSA? That strain of bacteria is literally resistant to the best drugs we have. Biocidin has been shown to be clinically efficacious against it.

So I think Biocidin can kill my snotty-nosed sinus infection.

Here is what I am using:

1 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

1 tsp Baking Soda

6 oz warm filtered water

8 drops Biocidin

My Best Gravy Boat

(instead of a 30$ neti pot. Don’t worry if you often eat dinner at my house. I will be disinfecting the gravy boat).

What I am doing:

Pouring this concoction from one nostril to the next over my kitchen sink. 3x/ day.

I was going to Instagram this. Then I decided against it. Actually, Beau told me that it was a bad idea. Snot on camera.

I am also taking Biocidin 3x/ day by mouth, 4 drops. It taste nice, like an herbal raspberry tincture.

You should take Biocidin under the supervision of a practitioner, like someone who has been trained in dosing, side effects, and repopulation of gut bacteria. I, of, course, am offering myself up as this person. I use it myself and recommend it to my clients. Your physician may be able to help you too.

Biocidin is a powerful herbal supplement with a purpose and a particular dosing schedule. That is my disclaimer as I am not a physician and I cannot diagnose or treat.

So, just know, mama- there are alternatives for your family during this sick season.

Stay healthy-