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Embrace the Outdoors: Unleashing the Power of Nature on Women’s Hormones

Looking for a natural way to enhance your well-being? (Me: always).

The solution might just be waiting right outside your doorstep! It’s no secret that I’m constantly encouraging my clients to get outside as often as possible throughout the day.

The great outdoors offers benefits that can positively impact your hormonal balance and overall health. So, put on your favorite sneakers, grab a sunhat, and let’s explore the incredible ways that spending time outside can transform your life.

Let the Sunlight Work Its Magic 

Did you know that exposure to sunlight can have a profound effect on your hormones? Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D in your body, which plays a crucial role in regulating hormonal balance. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to conditions such as depression, fatigue, and hormonal imbalances. So, make it a habit to spend some time outdoors during the day, especially in the morning when the sun’s rays are gentle. Just remember to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

In this fast-paced world, it’s easy for our internal clocks to get all wonky. I see this constantly when I look at DUTCH tests. A normal circadian rhythm looks like this: 

I see multiple DUTCH tests each week that look like these:

This means that my clients feel exhausted in the morning hours, and are too wound up to sleep at night. This is a modern epidemic, and one of the reasons we are all so damn tired all of the time. 

 Spending time outside during the day helps to reset your circadian rhythm—the internal mechanism that regulates your sleep-wake cycle.

I have multiple clients who end up sleeping so much better at night after adding in some “morning outside time”.  Early morning sun exposure sets your circadian rhythm up for a great night’s rest. You’ll get tired at normal times, and it will be easier for you to fall into a deeper state of sleep. Whatever you do in the morning, try to do it outside!

Connect with Nature to Reduce Stress

God’s creation has a remarkable ability to soothe our souls and calm our minds. When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, stepping outside can work wonders. Research shows that spending time in green spaces reduces cortisol levels—the stress hormone—and boosts the production of endorphins, those delightful feel-good chemicals. Let me tell you another little story to prove my point. Picture this: a stressed-out woman named Sarah, juggling a demanding career, a chaotic household, and a cat who thinks it’s a dog. One day, Sarah reached her breaking point. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt truly at peace. That’s when she decided to take matters into her own hands—literally.

Sarah discovered the therapeutic powers of gardening. Armed with a trowel and a fierce determination, she started nurturing her very own green oasis. As she dug her hands into the earth, planting seeds and tending to her plants, she felt a weight lifting off her shoulders. The stress melted away, replaced by a deep sense of connection with the natural world. Sarah realized that nature had become her sanctuary, her escape from the chaos of daily life. By immersing herself in the great outdoors, she found solace, balance, and a hormonal harmony she never thought possible. Sarah is based on an actual client of mine, who swears that she sleeps the best on the days she spends the most time in her garden. I have a black thumb, but I still make a point to get my feet literally in the dirt or grass most days to reap the same benefits. 

Engage in Physical Activity 

Who says exercise has to be confined to the gym? Taking your workouts outdoors can be incredibly rewarding for both your body and your hormones. Are you self-proclaimed gym-hater who despises the sight of treadmills and dumbbells? Try hiking, walking outside, pickleball, tennis, or even just literally sitting on your front lawn. 

I especially like hiking because it can feel like you’re no longer punishing your body; instead, you can nourish it with fresh air, challenging terrains, and a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Your muscles can grow stronger and your hormonal balance can thrive. Exercise will release endorphins, improve your blood circulation, and reduce inflammation—all contributing to a happier, healthier hormonal system.

Unleash Your Creative Side 

Mother Nature is a constant muse, inspiring creativity and imagination. Being outside opens up a world of artistic possibilities that can positively impact your hormones. Read, write, sketch, or paint nature scenes that inspire you and your hormones will thank you. 

Summing Up 

Ladies, the great outdoors has an extraordinary power to positively influence our hormonal health. From basking in the sunlight to resetting our circadian rhythm, reducing stress, engaging in physical activity, and unleashing our creativity, spending time outside can work wonders for our well-being. So, let’s make a conscious effort to incorporate nature into our daily lives. Step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and embrace the transformative benefits that await you. Your hormones will thank you for it, and you’ll discover a whole new world of vibrant well-being under the open sky.

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