I call my 28 Day Program a “reset”. And someone asked this question:

What exactly are you resetting?

Then he added, “this is a serious question”.

So I took it seriously.

On one hand, I just had to give my program a title, and the word reset sounded like it encompassed the sort of help I wanted to extend to women.

The word #reset means “to set, adjust, or fix in a new or different way” (source).

And after thinking about the most common complaints I hear from women, and the most common results women have after going through my Resets, I’ve landed on a few key things that we are adjusting in a new or different way.

I don’t call my program a blast or a detox or a fix, because it is none of those things. Rather, it is a gentle, nourishing, and balancing way to adjust the body.

So instead of punishing and whipping your body into a short-term weight loss, or an overly punishing cleanse, we work on adjusting the following things:

We Reset Estrogen Levels

Too much unopposed estrogen in the body tends to lead to frustrating symptoms like

  • mood swings
  • irritability
  • depression
  • bloating
  • water retention
  • fatigue
  • digestive issues
  • headaches

These symptoms are commonly known as PMS, a condition that affects 3 out of every 4 women (source).

If you have it, you know.

And frankly, so does your husband.

And probably your kids.

Too much estrogen in the body can occur from the following:

So the Reset takes care of all of that. Every day, we eat lots of fruits and veggies. We work on restoring normal digestion (more on this soon), and we pull out coffee and greatly cut down on alcohol.

This starts to gently reverse the effects of too much estrogen. And in turn, it starts to relieve women of their PMS.

We Reset Digestion

Are you one of the 72% of women who have experienced digestive issues in the past year? Most of my Resetters are part of this statistic. There are lots of causes of digestive issues in women, and most of them are self-induced (eek! I go into this scary topic of personal responsibility in the mini master classes in our private Facebook group during the Resets).

You are what you poop, of course.

So if that’s off, you’re off.

Women who experience diarrhea tend to have super inflamed guts. The Reset uses anti-inflammatory foods and proper food preparation to heal and seal the gut so you’re not running out of Zoom meetings, face aflush.

Women who experience constipation tend to have lowered thyroid function and are commonly not eating enough calories, produce, and protein. By upping natural magnesium content and by eating enough food, thyroid functions begins to normalize and ya start pooping again. Magique

We Reset Sleep

Women are twice as likely to have insomnia than men. Most of my private clients have sleep issues. They either sleep too much- they are exhausted all day!- or they can’t sleep deeply at all.

During the mini master classes on the FB group, I teach a ton on sleep. There are numerous parts of the 28 Day Reset that focus on hormone balance to restore normal sleep cycles.

First, we balance blood sugar. This reduces cortisol levels, and when cortisol levels subside during sleep hours, you can sleep more deeply.

We also work on getting outside, and exercising appropriately, and spending time allowing yourself to think thoughts instead of stuffing them down and increasing your anxiety.

We take amazing baths each night, which gives the body enough magnesium to relax and sleep well.

This may be my favorite part. A rested mommy is a happy mommy.

We Reset Energy

Again, women report being exhausted at levels much higher than men. This is due to many factors, but the main thing I observe is that women expect too much out of themselves. We tend to have the martyr complex. We overcommit and complain. We run ourselves ragged, trying to do female work (home, #children) and also male work (working outside the home, single parenting, and the like). This isn’t a social commentary, and I am not out to start any fights. I simply report what I observe after working with hundreds of women.

We wear ourselves out. And we don’t have to. In fact, our families are happier when we don’t.

So in the Reset, we work on restoring energy through getting proper nutrition. I encourage my women to eat enough #calories and to have a #treat every day so they aren’t binging after a period of #restriction. I encourage them to be still for a bit each day, and to rest, and to smack down social media from the comparison standpoint. My girls start to drink enough #water, and pay attention to the cues their bodies give them.

Our hormones are super sensitive. And many of us have been supressing that fact for decades.

To gain energy back, you’ve got to have the following:

  • plenty of protein
  • great carbohydrates
  • nourishing fats
  • daily rest
  • excellent sleep
  • proper stress management techniques

It’s not like the Reset fixes all of these things. And you won’t “get better” in a month. You’ll simply have a framework and a system to apply so you can learn what it means to feel truly nourished and balanced.

So that’s kind of what we work on. We do mini master classes every week day. We learn what to do for holidays and celebrations and dinners out at restaurants. We learn our bodies a little bit better. That’s what I love to teach.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the goodness packed into the Reset:

Here are some things you guys say about the Reset:

Those are really nice words from some super cool ladies. I love getting to meet new girls and be part of their health journey.

If you’re ready to join, we start Tuesday, May 26. You can grab the program here:

I hope to see you there!