3 Reasons I love LVL Fitness (and a Special Offer Just for Us!)

I spent years doing high-intensity, high-impact workouts that eventually tanked my hormones and hurt my body. Literally hurt my body. I always had a minor injury- my hip, my back, my knee, or my shoulder.

While I love to work out (I’m a Blood Type O, after all!), I also love to have a body that feels healthy, fit, and strong. I want to enjoy my workouts. I got to a point where I had no drive to work out, and no excitement about moving my body. I felt exhausted after my workouts instead of energized and clear. I took some time off of heavy workouts after functional lab testing revealed my stress and sex hormones had bottomed out.

But as my hormones started balancing out, I got antsy for workouts that pushed me to get stronger and fitter. I missed the gym, and I missed my group classes. I loved the class environment where other women around me were pushing themselves to grow and where a coach would prod me if I needed to adjust my form or give a bit more effort.

I realized how much I loved a community of healthy, fit, and strong women.

Nicole and Kristi of LVL Fitness

That’s really reason #1 as to why I love LVL. They have build a community of healthy, fit, and strong women.

Let’s back up a bit- maybe you don’t yet know about LVL Fitness. 

LVL Fitness is a Lagree studio, incorporated in Bakersfield two years ago by fit friends and savvy business partners Nicole Lazzerini and Kristi Wintberg.

The ladies opened up a gorgeous, semi-private studio in a building on Stockdale Highway in Bakersfield, CA. During class, when you get a short break from focusing on how much your thighs or abs are shaking, there are lovely views of the bike path out one set of full-length windows and the sprawling grounds of Cal State University Bakersfield out the other.

And shake you do! The point of the workouts in the studio is to work your muscles slowly, deliberately, and deeply. Every movement is measured and precise. The slower you go, the more your muscles engage and start to shake. I’ve never sweat more during a workout in my life. It’s freaking hard. And effective.

At LVL Fitness you can expect to take your workout to the next level. In just 45 minutes, you will experience the most revolutionary core-focused, full body workout in the fitness industry- one that not only works over 600 muscles per session, but in many cases works several hundred per exercise! In each small group session, you will be trained by a LVL Fitness experienced trainer, who is masterful at combining the benefits of weight training (strength), cardio (interval training), and yoga (balance and flexibility) with less time, more intensity, and minimal impact on your joints.

Created by celebrity fitness trainer, Sebastian Lagree, the patented Lagree method is the most efficient and effective workout you will find by constantly working multiple different muscle groups in your body through compound movements. The Lagree method incorporates constant tension during slow and controlled movements, targeting muscle exhaustion with quick transitions between moves, keeping your heart rate pumping and muscles shaking for the entire class. All muscle groups, from large to small, are strengthened in a non-aggressive, non-impact manner making this workout as good for your muscles as it is for your joints. Your spine stays protected, your mind is engaged, and your body is pushed to its limits. (source).

And the owners (and coaches) walk the talk.

Meet my dear friend Nicole. I love Nicole because she is whip-smart, is 100% dedicated to her community of women, and is as passionate about protein as I am. She has two small and adorable kids and knows what it’s like to balance work, family, fitness, and food.

Also, I am obsessed with her abs. 

Here’s a bit more about her:

Nicole is a certified Lagree trainer and co-owner of LVL Fitness.  Nicole has been a life-long athlete and fitness and wellness enthusiast.  Being a busy mom of two, Nicole has come to appreciate an efficient, effective workout.  Upon Kristi’s recommendation, Nicole visited a Lagree studio during an out of town trip.  After one class she was hooked, planning workouts on the Megaformer while she visited other cities that had Lagree studios.  Nicole knew right away that this workout was something special and that it would be a great addition to Bakersfield.  Nicole is bringing her love of weight training to her classes while emphazing proper form and alignment.  Her background in speech pathology has provided her with excellent patience and a drive to help her clients achieve their best versions of themselves. You cannot help but to have fun in Nicole’s class.  She will push you out of your comfort zone and take your fitness journey to the next level! 

Nicole co-owns the studio with Kristi, who is equally as amazing. Kristi is a former petroleum engineer (damn!) and mom of 3 boys who will kick my ass in a LVL class, smiling the entire time.

Kristi has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years as a group exercise instructor.  As a full time engineer in the oil industry, Kristi started teaching group exercise classes as her “fun” job.  She has taught many formats including Zumba, kick boxing, Pilates, boot camp, and barre.  She was always trying new classes and workouts whenever she was out of town.  It was on a trip to San Diego in 2017 that she discovered the Lagree method during her first Megaformer class which was recommended by a friend.  She was drawn to the intensity of the workout and loved how it incorporated everything into one class.  Being a busy full time working mom of three, she appreciated an efficient, full body workout.  The next day, Kristi started researching opening her own studio.  She was able to make this life-long dream a reality in 2018 by opening LVL Fitness.  If you have been to one of Kristi’s classes, you know that she likes a challenging workout and classes at LVL Fitness will be no different!  Come join her as she pushes you to your limits and gets you to embrace that muscle shake that will get you the results you are looking for!

That’s reason #2 why I love LVL. It’s run by smart moms who know what it’s like to balance health and family. They inspire me.

Let’s get to the last reason I love LVL. These girls pour into the local community with unwavering passion. They are always thinking of ways to encourage women to get healthy and strong.

To this point, they have given our Jennifer Woodward Nutrition community a special offer. They know that you’ve been stuck at home for 18 months during a pandemic and that you might not yet feel confident making it out to the studio. They also know that many of you are not local (some of you are even international!)

Why I love LVL Reason #3: They partnered with us to give you a smoking deal on their virtual membership!

Check this out:

The studio offers over 200 virtual classes with yoga, dance, Lagree-inspired classes, and more. Normally, this service is already a steal at $25/month.

But for you, they are offering it at less than half price.

You’ll get access to the entire database for only $10/month. 

That’s it. No contracts, cancel at any time.

All you have to do is email Nicole at and tell her you want in!

You can also reach out to me if you have any questions. I’ve taken the live classes, I’ve taken the virtual classes. They are fantastic. Try it out for a few months to get motivated and get your groove back! And let me know when you do.





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