These Women Finished All 3 Months of Better Periods

It’s really, really hard to commit to something for 90 days.

I get the joy of getting to walk women through the process of rebalancing their hormones, fixing their digestion, and losing excess weight. For 4 years, we’ve done 28 day programs where women change their diet, rest, exercise, stress management, and supplement protocols.

But 28 days is nowhere close to three months, and I found myself needing much, much more time with my girls. It takes an ovarian follicle 100 days to reach maturity, so I realized that it would be hard for my girls and I to work on fixing wonky periods in single month increments.

So Better Periods was born, and an amazing group of dedicated women embarked on 90 days of new habits. We had 78 women start in Month 1 and 27 women finish the entire 90 days.

Honestly, as this was my beta run, I was not sure if this group would experience the benefits I desired for them. But lo and behold- they did even better than expected!

  • Brandie lost 22 pounds and found her lost period
  • Cherese reshaped her body and fit into a slinky dress she never thought she would wear
  • Amy let go of some of her Type A tendencies (and 20 pounds to boot!)
  • Dayna finally started sleeping through the night even while homeschooling 5 children
  • Leanne finally figured out how to achieve balance with food, drink, and exercise
  • Ellen lived as an International Woman of Mystery and achieved her goal of a refreshing night’s sleep

Trying to fit these accomplishments into single bullet points seems daunting as the growth (and growing pains) experiences by these incredible women is seriously inspiring to me. We laughed and cried together over these last three months, and I feel blessed to call each woman my friend. I want to share our Closing Ceremonies call with you so you can see exactly what you might experience should you decide to embark on Better Periods or a 1:1 private coaching package with me.

As a testament to how close and how mutually encouraging our group of women is, one of my co-coaches Gina Sedenko penned this letter entitled MomLife for the younger moms during Month 2:

I’ll miss you girls! Thanks for the laughs, the cries, and the encouragement. Keep up the great work and I will see you in September.



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