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Easy, Healthy Eating On The Go

How often are you at home, happily and languidly preparing three healthy meals a day?


Me neither.

Since reality is that most of us eat out much of the time, I want to equip you with some tools that allow you to make good choices when on the road, at a restaurant, at a party, or at a friend’s house.

The first thing I want to remind of is this: food is just food.

It’s not entertainment. It’s not a lover. It’s not a salve. It’s just energy, provided for us by a good God who wants to give us good things.

The second thing I want to remind you of is this: food is not “non-food”.

That is a short sentence of double negatives, so let me explain.

If your great-great-great-great-grandparent could not have eaten it, it’s not food. Savvy?

Low fat ice cream? Not food. 

Protein bars? Not food.

Honey Bunches of Oats? Not food.

So, then- how do we define food?

Here, we have to make the distinction between food in the Standard Western sense (meaning anything you can put in your mouth to chew and swallow) and “real food“- a sad but unfortunate necessary defining of terms.

Real Food is food in its natural state, or as close to its natural state as possible.

Steak? Yup.

photo via unsplash

Pears? Mmm hmmm.

Honey? Sure.

Rice? You betcha.

Butter. Of course!

Your ancestors could have eaten all of those foods. Ergo, we define those things as food.

I’m not here to get in an argument with anyone about food, by the way. These are my own opinions. They are educated and well-informed opinions, but they are just my opinions. You may disagree, and that is totally cool! These concepts are what I see work best for women in my line of work.

It’s when we move from food to non-food that we get in trouble.

According to the protein leverage hypothesis, we are designed to eat until our protein needs are met for the day. If we lack the amino acids we need for repair and growth, our appetite will not turn off and we will be hungry.


But hunting for the wrong things. Cravings beget cravings, and one who is not protein-satisfied will struggle with dysregulated blood sugar and consequent intense sugar cravings.

So eat your meals based on your protein need. You need 4-6 oz of meat (not protein powder), 2-3x/ day. More if you are active or chronically ill.

You also need veggies at each meal.

You likely need some fruit at each meal.

Here is a trick I have for you. It will save you money, stress, and blood sugar dips:

Pack fruits and veggies in your purse at all times. Never be without your meal-rounder-outers. Even at a restaurant, I’ll finish my meal with a pear and some carrot sticks if I don’t have all of the elements provided for me.

That’s a little odd, I know. But I like feeling healthy and strong and alert and fit. I like sleeping like a rock, and not having much weight fluctuation. I like having balanced moods and plenty of energy. So I pack carrots.

Be like my girl T, who sent me this photo this week:

And yes, I do believe that was meant to be some inappropriate produce humor, if I know T.

With all of this in mind, you might now have a better framework of how you can eat away from home.

Meat first (4-6 oz, 2-3x/day).

Then veggies (4-6 oz, 2-3x/ day).

Then fruit (3-4 oz, 2-3x/day).

If your protein needs are met, you should not be craving non-food items. If you are, you’ve likely just conditioned yourself to reach for distraction when you are bored/tired/lonely/angry, etc. Those things can be addressed too. I like to read my Bible, but it’s also helpful to talk to a counselor or therapist.

So, let’s get to the practical. Here is my Dining Out Guide. You can screenshot it and keep it in your photos.

I also made a resource for you based on my love of all things Modern Grub! You can grab their meals or just their protein boxes so you always have your meat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sometimes, I’ll literally pack Modern Grub meat, baby carrots, and fruit in a lunchbox and eat my lunch or dinner that way. Believe me, in the grand scheme of things, this is easier, cheaper, and more ancestral than eating out at a different restaurant, consuming foods high in transfat, seed oils, and sugar.

PS- I am not financially affiliated with MG. I just love them.

Here is the link to a video I share with clients that explains how I like to use the amazing tool that is Modern Grub. If you don’t live in Bakersfield, you likely have something comparable hear your home.

When I’m going out to restaurants, I will order meat- chicken, steak, pork, or fish. I’ll order all vegetables and ask for the sauce or oil on the side. I’ll have my fruit and veggies in my purse to enjoy later. I’ll likely do the same thing if I’m at a potluck or friend’s house, but not always. This way I can still fellowship and enjoy my time out. It’s a weird time in human history. Most of us eat most of our meals on the road, on the go, or in a restaurant or fast food joint. And we are suffering from it. We are chronically ill. We are overfed and undernourished. We are fatigued and immunocompromised. Our body temperatures are low and our thyroids don’t work. Our libido is non-existent, our skin is a mess, our digestion doesn’t work, we need machines to help us breathe at night, we take multiple medications, and our moods are all over the place.

Re-read that last paragraph. Then think about what is actually weirder- carrots and a pear in your purse or briefcase? Or being a malnourished shell of a human?

I’ll be the weirdo with the pear.

This is how we make healthy eating easy and accessible! Hire help. Plan beforehand. And pack your carrots 🙂

Love, Jennifer

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