I don’t know about you, but I get a little antsy when I have to sit around all day. A little crabby, even. It’s helpful to break up our new normal days with a bit of activity. Now that the Woodward family is back to #homeschooling (not by choice- these are the quarantine days), all of the gyms and parks are closed. If we are going to move our buns, we have got to be a little creative.

Do you feel better after a #workout? I sure do, and I can see that my #children do as well. It’s become an important part of our homeschool day to #exercise together. They fight less post-exercise, and I daresay they stand a little taller after pumping out pushups on the grass. Some days, I like to exercise with them. Other days, I need #alone time for my exercise.

If you want to exercise with your children, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a graphic you can use to guide your homeschool PE sessions:

If you want to exercise sans children, I can help with that, too! I used to do a ton of Beach Body, high intensity #cardio workouts at home, but lately I am into #strengthening and toning instead of pushing and #punishing my body. Quarantine is a good time for soothing #self-care and not punishment. Here are five of my favorite free workout videos.

1. Power Vinyasa Yoga

I come back to this video time and time again. It is low impact, medium intensity, and a great way to push your body into doing new things. You’ll be sweaty and spent by the time you relax into child’s pose at the end, which is always gratifying.

2. Core Stability

I have tried many other yoga classes online, but I really just adore Erin. She is #soothing and #encouraging and pushes me without overwhelming me. If you’re feeling like your midsection is starting to feel the effects of the Quarantine 15, set aside a good hour just for yourself and enjoy building your core stability back.

3. Pilates for Weight Loss

This video has a sexy title, for sure. And it’s hard! If I am spending 45-60 minutes working my body, I want it to be worth it. This is worth it. Don’t give up- you can pause and rest and then get back to it. She is a dancer, and you can tell! Even if you are not trying to lose #weight, you’ll enjoy this session. And really, how pretty is that plant/window/wood floor combo?

4. Kayla Itsines Intermediate Workout

Say what you want about Kayla. But she’ll push your #bootie during her workouts. My sister has been doing BBG since she had her last baby and she had great things to say about these workouts. I did this video every other day on our cross-country road trip last summer, and it kept my #endurance up over the trip. Also, I felt ok about eating ice cream most nights. You’ll want to pause the video a few times to get the moves down, and it repeats the cycle for 28 minutes, but you’ll be sweating so hard you won’t even notice.

5. Yoga for Stress Relief and Anxiety

I also want to leave my life, move to Thailand, and film yoga videos on the beach. Wishing ain’t getting, though. I’m stuck in my suburban house with lots of #children and nowhere to go. It’s not too bad, though. I like these people! But when I need an escape, I’ll do this short, tranquil video with Boho Beautiful. It’s like half a #Xanax. And you work your core at the same time.

What about you? What videos are you digging during #quarantine? Are you walking more? Taking up a new fitness challenge? Let me know about it on FB.

Wishing you the best,