It’s hard enough to plan healthy meals for your families during normal life. During this Great Shut In of 2020, it’s become a little more difficult.

Long grocery store lines, insufficient stock of pantry and refrigerated staples, and less of a #grocery budget make it confusing to eat well. Plenty of restaurants and stores are offering curb-side pick up and delivery, but I’ve got an easier (and healthier) offering for you.

It’s my gift to you: Simpler Times: a 7 Day Plan for the New Normal.

I invite you to download it and share it with anyone who can benefit from it.

It’s full of easy #recipes and low cost #grocery items. I want help #simplify life for you as you camp out at home and take on your new role as homeschool #teacher and full-time chef.

If you need to sub out an ingredient, go for it. The recipes are quite forgiving.

Each recipe has a clickable link that will take you directly to the instructions.

The #shopping list is included, and so are daily #exercise and #stress relief recommendations.

Download it here.

How are you holding up? Let me know.

PS- It’s easier than ever to work with me. I am seeing clients via my online, HIPAA-compliant #telehealth platform. Use the time at home to start getting to the bottom of your #chronic #health and #autoimmune issues. I work with clients all over the world. And if you’ve got some HSA or FSA dollars needing a place to call home, I can accept these forms of payment for my services and also for #functional #lab #testing. Set up a free discovery call here.