It’s about that time.

On January 6, we start the next 28 Day Reset. I am so excited! I love getting to do my group coaching programs. The energy in the group is always so encouraging and contagious.

What is the 28 Day Reset?

It is a system to help you feel more energetic, sleep better, lose weight, and reduce inflammation.

Every part of your day is planned for you- breakfast, lunch and dinner; workouts; supplements; recipes; grocery lists; stress relief techniques.

You receive a complete program that will take you from the first thing in the morning until the last thing at night.

Expect to eat four easy-to-prepare, inflammation-reducing, inexpensive meals each day and never feel hungry.

Reports from previous Reset participants-

“I lost 5+ pounds. My visceral fat went down three or four which made me feel way better. I also learned that the “weight” I had in mind for ideal is not necessary ideal. Loving the scale.”

“I was so nervous before we started, like I thought there was no way I could stick with this. I really didn’t know exactly what it would entail when I signed up. I’ve always said I just needed someone to tell me exactly what to eat and I could follow the plan. This was perfect for that and towards the end I felt like I could use what I had learned and make it work for me and my family. I love how much healthier we are all eating!”

“Lost 9 lbs. BMI dropped down and so did body fat!“

‘I got my period at the end of the reset and although I don’t usually have terrible PMS symptoms they were pretty much non existent. I lost ten pounds and feel like I have control of my cravings and food choices.”

“I lost 5+ pounds and my husband even said he noticed my face looked thinner. My clothes fit better and my waist is smaller. ????????????????”

You get a day-by-day, easy to follow plan that includes instructions for the following:

  • breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner
  • recipes
  • weekly shopping lists (hint: send it to Instant Cart!)
  • family-size, easy-to-scale dinners
  • stress management techniques
  • supplements recommendations
  • exercise recommendations
  • sleep hacks
  • private Facebook group
  • daily check-ins if desired on FB
  • daily mini-classes on hormones, weight loss, exercise, stress
  • daily access to Jennifer to ask questions
  • daily treats! treats!
  • intro to nutrition psychology

The cost is $197 for the month. This is less than the cost of a single clinic hour with me, and you get access to my expertise for an entire month! I won’t let you fail, I promise.

If you join with a friend, you can use the code SANTABUDDY to each take $20 off your purchase. It’s way more fun with friends, believe me! Grab a girlfriend or a sister or a mom- it doesn’t even have to be your mom! As soon as you purchase your program, you will have instant access to the program and the FaceBook group.

I’ll see you there!