Group Coaching Starts Monday + Best Foods for Mood

Hi there. Thanks for being here today.

As a business owner, I have to talk about my offerings sometimes, though I would rather bore you with statistics, Steroid Hormone Cascades, and peer reviewed journal articles.

Yet you, my dear, are reading on. And I am thankful for you!

This is just a reminder that Monday, April 12 is the first day of Better Periods. I am so, so, so excited!

Here are some things former participants have had to say about my programs:

I would love to have you join us this go-around.

Here’s what you get for $147:

  • 30 full days of recipes
  • 30 full days of meal plans
  • weekly shopping list
  • daily mini-master classes (self-paced)
  • weekly live group coaching sessions on Facebook
  • daily live interaction on Facebook
  • community
  • accountability
  • Body Literacy

We will also go over concepts like:

  • how do I handle dinners out/ birthdays/ anniversaries/ celebrations?
  • what if I don’t like salmon/ avocado/ chocolate/ baths?
  • what if I’m allergic to beef/ bananas/ cauliflower?
  • what if kids/work/homeschooling won’t let me exercise/cook/sleep?

All five spots for Elite HTMA coaching clients have been filled already, but there is lots to do and learn in the group coaching program. We have so much fun!

Don’t forget to use the coupon BLOGLOVE for $10 off the program. We start Monday, so join today- you’ll need a day or two to read through your material and prepare for next week.

Cheers to health!

Join Better Periods Here with coupon BLOGLOVE.

And also:

Here’s a fun video I got to do with my friend an award-winning journalist Sara Shouhayib on Food and Mood. We researched and prepared for this segment for about a month. As is the way these things usually go, only small bits and pieces were actually used. But it aired all up and down the West Coast, so I was honored to get to be a part of it. Watch it here:

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